best diaper bag for three kids

the prettiest purse that has a diaper bag day job {lily jade review}

October 17, 2014

Lily Jade. Did your heart just make an audible quivering gasp? It’s the bag. THE bag, people. The prettiest (diaper) bag in the world. Landon and Meggan were generous enough to send me the Madeline in Red Canvas to share about with you all. Should I go on and on and tell you how the quality of leather and stitching is truly of the highest caliber? Should I tell you that I’m putting my  hand-me-down Alma in blue monogram Louis Vuitton in the closet and using this instead? Should I tell you it holds everything like Mary Poppins’ bag? Maybe part of that is the organizer that sneaks inside. No more lost anything. You will not believe how many more things you can squeeze into your purse with the help of this “baby bag.” Should I tell you you can hold it like I am here, or with a single shoulder strap, or like a backpack? Should I tell you I now feel like part of a secret club whose members can joyfully wink at one another and give a head nod? I’m just going to let the pics say it all. Go shop their store. Now. This model is on sale for a limited time. $40 off! We bought my mom this one. Because grandmas need stylish purse bags too! And because they’re so super sweet, they’re running a giveaway of THREE of my bandit bibs on their instagram account. Run to it! Oh, look, I got dressed! (Don’t worry, it was momentary.)…

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