being outdoors in the winter

planning your garden in the {winter} spring

April 25, 2014

SweetPea checked out the blueberry bushes Dada & her Godfather planted. They’re looking nice–so are the raspberries & strawberries. But indoors, it’s the Wild West. We’ve been planning the garden since it was subzero. We is a term I use loosely. You know who actually does all the gardening work around here, inside and out. Yup, Mr. AA. He’s our gardener in residence. Literally. There are five large cookie sheets/trays/something of that kind all around the house, anywhere they can get the maximum light possible. Sometimes he’s put them on my desk, near my preccccccious computer. Sometimes they’re in the bathroom at night under the kid’s light that stays on for SuperBoy to make his way to the potty, and then that same tray is whisked to the bench that’s living on the front stair landing in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. These things creep and crawl and grow like heck. The cat also tries to eat them. I’m all about the plants, honestly, but do grow weary of watching them grown toward nothing as the ground is barely unfrozen around here, it snowed today, and the chance of getting them into the ground before the baby shows up in basically nil. Somehow, if only I could put away all the winter clothing, get the garden going, and write my fiction novella about being a Catholic-work-at-home-mom-of-X^10-children, I’d be so profoundly satisfied. Nesting. It’s a burden and joy. I do feel sorta surrounded. And watched. It’s a little weird. Anyway, the garden!…

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Family Fun: Why Hike in the Winter?

February 15, 2012

  People who live south of Iowa think that the activities we do in Minnesota in the winter are nuts. Cross country skiing, alpine skiing, ice fishing, hiking, even camping (yes, all outdoors). But the advantages to being cold-weather-ready are that you really do toughen up your blood, live on the edge a little, and get your cheeks pink. I also think it makes us live longer because we have to endure more, and in a Darwinian way, nature will weed out the weak. (There are no stats that I know of to back me up, here.) We went to our family home in Wisconsin recently and J loved loved loved it. Even at almost 30 pounds, he still fits in our great backpack (see post on baby wearing and carrying here). His favorite part is throwing rocks in the creek. Lord help me as he ages!              

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