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Makeup with Shea

April 13, 2018

Shea is basically my sister-in-law as her husband and his siblings grew up like siblings alongside us! She and her husband are the godparents of our youngest and I love them to death. Not real death, but love them so much. When I heard she was thinking of starting to sell Beautycounter, I immediately wanted to buy lipstick and mascara to replace those I bought–gulp–five years ago? I also wanted to share her info with you in case you also need to grab a high quality clean makeup product or if you wanted to start selling them yourself with her guidance! And if you want to skip the chit-chat, and just zip to buy, here you go.   Okay no more suspense. Here she is! Hi Shea! Tell us all a little about your new biz, Beautycounter. Hi! Truly, I am surprised to even be telling you about this, because I never pictured myself here as a consultant! Beautycounter is a clean skincare and cosmetic company who just celebrated our five year anniversary. Our mission is to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone. I found out about the company almost three years ago when a dear friend of mine came to tell me about her work with the company. The facts and figures that she shared with me then about the toxic ingredients used often within the personal care industry rocked my world, and encouraged me to actually read the labels of the products I was using all…

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