bad habits in parents

Three & a Half Year Old Bad Habits & Mama Bad Habits

February 10, 2014

There is simply nothing out there like waffling on the precipice of your third trimester of your third pregnancy to put you in full-deal-with-behavioral-stuff-now mode as a mom. I had a great interview with Jamie from Behave Your Best and am working that up, so stay tuned for the expert of all expert’s advice on handing challenging behavioral issues with your child. But in the meanwhile, I have to share that having this next baby on the horizon has encouraged me to address any unresolved long standing habits with both my kids. Nip it now, right? Before my hands are completely full. I’ve shared in the past detailing our lovely toddler behavior battles. A whole section on ’em. A few I need to re-read periodically for myself are the ones on how fear & power parenting doesn’t work, wiggle it out: my spastic son needs to move, helping the emotional little boy find his voice & listening ears, big boy battles: loving discipline for your toddler, two & a half year old terror? that’s my kid, three key steps to taming your tantruming toddler, toddler tantrums abound . . . help! {hahaha–I just laugh when I think about how I thought these were actual tantrums. They were nothing in comparison of what came!} My list of SuperBoy habits I’m working on right now: 1) Discerning the genuinely 3.7 year old melts versus the stinky tantrum. Is he melting down because she took his markers and he doesn’t want to share? Or…

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