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Around Here: Quick Takes

August 28, 2016

It’s still the weekend, right?? I’m not too late to link up with the awesome Kelly and her 7 Quick Takes, am I? Kel, say it’s okay to be late, please. //1// I’m fresh off the plane from NYC where my little lady and I were on baby watch for my sister’s third who should arrive any second. And yes, I woke up every night, middle of the night, to check and see if she or her husband had texted me from upstairs. They continued to insist they wouldn’t text but would come wake me up, but still. No baby on my watch but lots of laundry & prep & late night talks.  The trip was a blast and a billion and made our last #sistermoon where we were lazy louts on the beach. I got to watch my daughter relate to her two girl cousins (one 7 months older, one two years younger) and all the lessons one learns when one tries to insist things go one’s way most of the time (used to brothers who either obey or tune her out). She loved every minute, even when she was kicking people on her way to the trampoline. We also got to spend a lot of time at my sister’s shop, Brooklyn Herborium, and watch the process of handmade organic skincare up close! //2// I’ll be chatting with THE Jen Fulwiler on her radio, Tuesday around 2:30CST. I’m sure we’ll gab about a few things, but most notably the…

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