alternative to exersaucer

where I stash the wriggling standing baby while I run to the freezer {review & giveaway Go-Pod!}

December 16, 2014

A few months back I posted a pic to my instagram account of BabyLoves chilling in his Go-Pod. People asked what is that? where did you get it? how do you like it? Let me tell you: not only do I love the one I bought a few years back, but I LOVE that the president of KidCo agreed to give one to a lucky one of you. What a nice company! But first, allow me to tell you what it is not and what it is. It’s not an exersaucer that takes up your whole living room and has strobe lights. It’s not a walker (THOSE ARE NOT SAFE!!!). | | >>> see those spindly legs in the background? Not the potty toilet, the black plastic legs. That’s what the bottom of it looks like. There’s even a canvas down there to catch the spit up or other bodily fluids. It is a baby stashing device that also folds up and can be carried along anywhere or stored easily in your closet. Think: sports event chair. Canvas sack et al. Yup, same here. It is soft and comfortable so that they can either bear weight on their legs, or just laze backwards. It does have loops for you to latch a zillion toys to so the baby won’t go insane while you run to the freezer for some gelato. Or do laundry real quick. Or wipe your toddler. My sister originally told me about it years back. I used it sparingly…

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