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Infant Love & Learning: 5 Things to Do with Your Baby

September 24, 2012

So you have this little beautiful baby, right? And she just looks at you and coos, or maybe she screams a lot. Maybe she just sleeps and makes diapers, with the occasional desperate nursing session. What sorts of developmental things should you be doing to ensure your child is the next Einstein? Or Edith Stein? I’m no doctor, nor a child developmental specialist, but I am a thinking, reading, interested mother of two who’s knows what has shaped her bright children (of course they’re bright!). 1) Massage. Infant massage. Touch & talk combined. Double check. Think of it like grooming a horse. You get to know all the creaks and cracks and where the bumps are. This gives you an advantage when something new crops up. You notice it. Every night after bathtime, or every afternoon before naptime, or every morning after breakfast, find a cosy nest and give your baby a massage. Make eye contact. Sing or talk. Rub all parts of your babe’s body. Use a light oil like grapeseed, or an actual infant massage oil like Do Good Naturals (loooove their product line). Check out any book or video online. It’s hard to do wrong. Just rub their little muscles, and love them up. Simple and crucial. 2) Read and talk. I’ve written quite a bit on reading to small children and how it effects their behavior and brain growth, here {Introduce Reading Early: Bring on the Books}, and here {Teaching Your Child Numbers and Letters} and…

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