activities at home with a preschooler

Activities at Home with Your Preschooler

September 10, 2013

So we’ve established SuperBoy is at home with me, poor chap, and his newly wild sister, SweetPea. What bee got in her bonnet? She’s talking, gesticulating, snatching, grabbing, shrieking, you name it. It’s awesome to see her spitfire personality come out, but also frightening when I imagine her, like this, forever. Maybe she’ll have a calm side too? She has also take to spastic dancing. In her high chair. On the ground. In her carseat. Girl’s got moves. When SuperBoy has thrown the last of his baseball cards to the ground from his floor bed (so it’s not really that far), he’s buzzed through all his Tintin books, and he’s looking for trouble to get into, we’ve been doing a few of these activities and plan to do them all this fall. And more. And less if I’m too tired. Wussie Mama lives here. But, on days your child isn’t at preschool, or if he stays home all day, a few new games and activities in your tool box will be fun! Most children this age are very interested in learning through all their senses: touch, taste, smell, feel, and sound. The world is their classroom and it’s our job as parents to help them find ways to creatively learn. 1) Yarn Braiding This little activity takes only a few materials and yields lots of fun. Materials: 2-4 skeins of a chunky yarn, a roll of sturdy tape like packaging tape, a table with chairs Cut three long (12-14 inches) pieces of…

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