Postpartum Space & Better Beginnings

August 12, 2019

throw back nearly 3 years to this sweetie at a few weeks old! ((When I redid my site, this post got lost so sorry for the repeat!)) I rolled over and kinda closed my bathrobe around a breastmilk stained nightgown. I rolled again and gently slid off the bed so I wouldn’t awaken our snoozy sleepy new bundle of love. At four weeks old, he was smack dab in the middle of our king-sized bed with my husband on one side, and a wall of nursing pillows on the other so I could shuffle to the bathroom. We had missed the extended family brunch that morning. I texted an apology from the end of the bed and then dove back in. With our first two, each newborn had been on a parade-of-families. People in, people out, people visiting at the hospital, people popping by to just see the baby. Me somehow inexplicably finding jeans to stuff into while dutifully sharing the babies, our stories, our newborn fleeting hours, holding nursing off so I could continue listening to someone else’s birth tale. But with this baby, nestled as he was in my heart, we simply shut the world out. Maybe it was the complex second-degree tear, maybe it was the deep infection in my uterus that landed us back in the hospital at two weeks postpartum. Maybe it was realizing that postpartum space is sacred and filled with moments we were never get back. I stayed in my bathrobe and my bed…

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Newest Purse and Loving It

July 23, 2018

Lily Jade was so kind as to send over a complimentary purse. YET, as always, all views are my own (and my fierce competitors for the bag: my girls wearing Whole Parenting Goods). I am a sucker for a good bag, one that can really tote and haul. Long gone are my days of dainty, cute purses. Nope, I need something that’s a workhorse and can handle spills, spits, and squirts. But I also really don’t love the plasticky-diaper bags. I had a few the first few years of babies and always felt like they were designed by some dude out to make me look as rookie mom as possible. Years ago I met the founders of Lily Jade at a blogging conference: they were just as nice as their company seems! Such kind and lovely creative folks, parents themselves who really got it. This Meggan bag is just perfect for me! It converts into a backpack with two snaps, literally, with a thick comfortable strap that loops through the backside. The inside organizer means I’m not fishing forever for wipes or a dry pair of pants. The outside pockets mean I can grab my keys easily. And it makes me feel like a queen to have such a high quality leather purse! If you’re on the fence about purchasing or suggesting someone purchase this brand for you, I own 3? 4? And I will never buy another brand! They wear so well over time. The zippers and pockets keep their…

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Postpartum Help! Better Beginnings offers support!

July 13, 2018

  Welcome, Hallie! Tell us about you! You own and operate Better Beginnings, offering postpartum doula care service. Many women today are told they birth and then are supposed to pop back to normal. What does Better Beginnings provide during those tender early days, weeks, and months of recovery? We provide physical, emotional, and informational support to mothers and families as they welcome new babies into their lives. For first-time parents, this can include newborn care education catered to their questions, and practicing newborn care techniques like swaddling or soothing with their own equipment and their real baby, instead of a doll during a class. For more experienced parents, we may focus on sibling adjustment and how big brother or sister is doing with the transition of adding baby into the mix. For all parents, we emphasize rest and recovery from childbirth, and offer lactation support if they’re breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding tips if they’re not. We also check in with moms and dads about their emotional wellbeing, and tend to household tasks such as laundry, dishes, and meal prep. Honestly, we’ve been told by many of our clients that because of our support, they felt they were truly able to enjoy their postpartum time and their newborn more than they otherwise would have. We’ve also heard it’s an investment in the marriage. 😉 You’re right, Nell. Those early days and weeks and months are tender, and unique. They deserve nonjudgmental support that’s specialized for that time in a family’s life.…

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Mocs for Tootsies

January 17, 2017

My wee babe is four weeks old this week and I’m picking up on a project I was going to publish the day she was born, but didn’t have a chance to! You know how newborn life is. Sleep, poop, nurse, repeat. And with the other three kids in the mix, I’ll add “fend off invasive kissing and tugging and hugging” to that list. She’s very well beloved and despite me being down for the count in my own healing (which will take a while, according to my physical therapist), things are slowly taking the form of a new normal. One that has less sleep but more kisses! **knit dress by my friend Ginny (yarn shop)** **similar sweater** **mocs c/o FP** I partnered with Freshly Picked Mocs two years ago–was it already two years–to give away a pair to one of you lucky duckies and here we are again! I love Susan’s work and the company she’s built. Any mama-makers have a really special place in my heart. Here on the blog, I’m telling you about the new release of this incredible pattern. So hop on over to their site and take a looksie. They now have collections ranging from for your newest newest babe to hard soles for your little runner. This one is probably my favorite from their signature collection. Because how can you go wrong with gold? And I’m pretty sure I’d need this to go with those mocs. I think my toddler needs these when the snow…

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My Under $20 Gift Guide

December 16, 2016

Don’t panic. Do not panic that Christmas is within spitting distance. I have to admit (in anticipation of early ((hopeful, I know)) labor) I did all my Christmas shopping a few weeks back, wrapped it all up, and barely remember what I actually bought. Then I remembered and was so delighted! We’re doing a minimalist Christmas for the kids (thank God they can’t read the blog . . . yet) so I wanted to share my finds with you so you can see how Grinchy I am  get inspiration. YOXO PBS Build It Kit for everyone. My friend Jeff runs this amazing toy company and shopping small is so important at the holidays! Check out his newest partnership with PBS Kids! And use the code “wholeparenting” for 25% off the whole site!! My kids love his stuff and the fact that it can become many things means it lasts so much longer as a toy of interest. Dog-Opoly for all of us. Life changing. Laura’s kids introduced us and I don’t know if my kids will every go back. Dog-opoly is hilarious. Gel glide crayons for all of them. We can never, ever have enough coloring utensils around here. People crush them, eat them, peel them, lose them, fight over them. This was a nice big pack. Baby Organic footie pj.  For if LittleLady every decides to be born. She gets something, too! MonsterTot (2.5) Massive Excavator. Usually I’d just hit up Goodwill and see what toys they had around for even cheaper,…

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A Sister Story (and coupon code for you!)

October 23, 2016

I’m a sister kind of person. I love my three sisters. I love my friends like sisters. I love the sisterhood I’ve found in my community, both in person and online. And I was so thrilled when we found out we were having another girl. SweetPea will be best friends with her sister (I hope!!) and she already talks about all the “girl” things they will do together, like, not play with their brothers and dig in the dirt. When my friend Britt posted about these little girl dresses earlier this summer, I swooned. In large part because I have two nieces whom I was about to visit with my daughter (just her–total girl time!) and one had a birthday coming up, and in larger part because I was determined to buy complementary dresses for my own girls! Even though the baby won’t fit hers for a while. Ele Story is a mama-run company (Hi, Judy!) that makes their beautiful dresses right here in the United States–that’s a big plus to me as a buyer–and their designs are timeless. I bought this one and this one for my nieces. (Both on sale Sunday only.) This isn’t a sponsored post in that I’m not being compensated for sharing it–just wanted to pass along a coupon code for you if you want to support an artisan mama run shop! My own little SweetPea got this cornflower blue one, and the baby girl who will arrive at Christmas got this color one. The…

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