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I get it if you’re nervous about being pregnant again


I wish I could write comprehensively about pregnancy, loss, infertility, secondary infertility, and death of a child. Not that I wish I had endured all of these, but that’s a basic range of the female reproductive experience. It’s our sisters, our friends, our acquaintances. It’s the ladies we see on the subway that we don’t know struggle, and the ones sharing their journey with the world. I wrote about the thin space of being pregnant a few weeks back.

Instead, I can only write authentically about my experience, one that’s ordinary and run-of-the-mill, and, in many women’s eyes, ridiculously lucky. I experience fairly textbook cycles. Charting and planning and abstaining when avoiding to conceive has “worked” for us insofar as our kids haven’t been surprises. When we’ve been hopeful for another pregnancy, the baby’s been there. It’s my reality, and my journey, and I feel guilty often about it.

The guilt goes two ways: for my ease of conception and carrying to term, and for my sharing anything about the struggle of hyperemesis–all day sickness//all night. It’s like shut up that you’re pregnant again combined with shut up that it’s hard to be pregnant because, see part 1, you’re pregnant again. There’s no way out of feeling bleh about both spaces, so please forgive me if both annoy the heck out of you.

That being said, I can share my/our trepidation about another pregnancy, given those parameters. Fear of pregnancy is something I hear from women a lot. Women I don’t know well, women I know very well, and women who are e-friends so I know part of them well. For those of you in the pregnancy-fear-boat, or adding-another-baby-fear-boat, you’re not alone.

After we had our second, our sweet & sassy now four year old, which was my easiest labor and recovery, we were stumped. She was unlike our first in that she coslept with us longer, night nursed exponentially longer, and was generally a more attached (read: literally, attached to me at all times) baby. Perhaps with our first we were pseudo attachment parents. I was still working part-time, he took a bottle & pacifier, and he slept through the night at 10 or 12 weeks–easily transitioning to his own room by 6 months, and preferred his dad often to me.

SweetPea kept me up every night multiple times for a year. I carried her everywhere and nursed her on demand throughout the day. I was the only person who could put her down for naps and bedtime for the first year+. It was draining. And the thought of being pregnant while going through that first year was frightening.

How could I sustain another throw-up-the-whole-time-pregnancy when I can’t even sleep more than 4 hours?

She was tiny & petite, part of why I continued to night-nurse and nurse on demand–calories, baby! We felt she needed that extra attention and knew what another pregnancy would probably look like: rendering me unable to give her that.

Shortly after she turned two, we had our third. I had an epically long recovery following my terrible tears, uterus infection that rehospitalized us, and a good long year of physical healing (combined with more cosleeping & nursing & carrying–though he was much easier than our daughter in these regards). As he grew and I healed, we faced the question: when is a good time to go through another pregnancy where I’ll be out of it for a long time?  Combined with “homeschooling” our pre-k / kindergartner.

We waited our longest gap between our third and this fourth baby (they’ll be over 2.5 years apart). We both felt ready for the throwing up, the messy house, the incapacitated me, followed by that first year that now we know to be kinda a wash after baby comes (attachment parenting blahbity blah).

Yeah, who deeply desires to wake up throwing up every morning? But the fear of that wasn’t a factor anymore for me. It’s part of my package of growing a baby. Given it’s no surprise, we did our best to plan for it. Yeah, there are days my spirits are low and the kids know it. I literally pray to make it through the day and rely heavily on grace and my friends’ generous meals they’ve been dropping off. No gift comes without a price; this sweet 11 week old baby inside means our lives are a little harder, a little leaner, and a little less activity oriented.

Whatever your fears are about having another child, be it pregnancy-related, or the terror of a toddler and an infant when you feel like you’re barely making it with a toddler or two, I just want you to know you’re not alone. And it’s okay to have these fears. It doesn’t make you a bad mom, or a bad future mom.

If you’re like me and fertility planning works for you, you may be facing different fears than if it doesn’t and the latest baby on the way is a surprise that you’re still getting your heart around. And if multiple losses or the aching in your womb to have a positive pregnancy test is your fear, you really truly have my heart. We’re all in this together and the closer we can feel each other’s fears as sisters, the deeper we can go with our love.


  1. Mary on May 28, 2016 at 8:18 am

    What a wonderful message. Thank you.

    • Natural Mama Nell on May 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm

      Thanks, friend. XO

  2. Becky on May 28, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Yes, thank you. We got pregnant with our second when our first was 7 months old. The baby is 6 months old now and I’m feeling bad for being so scared. Babies are awesome, but so is breastfeeding until a year (couldn’t quite make it with our first), wearing normal clothes eventually and the occasional beer. But I guess my main thing is that I want to enjoy her baby hood instead of being sick/pregnant for half of it. Glad I’m not alone. Thanks again

    • Natural Mama Nell on May 29, 2016 at 3:11 pm

      Hugs, friend!!

  3. Christina on May 28, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Love this. It’s ok to acknowledge our fears and anxiety; it doesn’t mean the gratitude and Grace is any less! Also, I’m totally getting (attatchment parenting blahbity blah) embroidered on a pillow because that basically sums up my life most days!

    • Natural Mama Nell on May 29, 2016 at 3:12 pm

      Hahaha on a big nursing pillow!!!

  4. Megan on May 29, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Yes, this is so spot on. The larger picture of those we hold in our heart does not have to make us feel guilty about the reality of the suffering we are facing in the moment. My chronic non-pregnant cycle pain is hard. Women crawling through first trimester or easing themselves off the couch to help a toddler third trimester have it hard. You have it ridiculously hard. All of our crosses are different but still crosses, and it is beautiful to see that we can support each other under their different weights! Thanks for sharing.

    • Natural Mama Nell on May 29, 2016 at 3:16 pm

      Oh honey. So hard!!!

  5. Kathryn on June 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    Loved this (and all of your recent pregnancy posts).

    I’m a few weeks away from delivering my first baby, and have been struggling so much with guilt – guilt that even though I’ve gotten past the puke all day stage, I’m still too tired to cook real meals or properly clean the house, guilt that I’m not excited about my impending sleepless nights and sore nipples, guilt that I’m self-conscious about my pregnant belly, guilt that all I want is a cocktail, guilt that I’m feeling anything but joy when so many others would give anything to be pregnant and welcome a newborn into their family….

    I guess the fear/guilt cycle is the Devil’s way of trying to steer my focus away from my vocation and God’s plan for my life/marriage and the life of this little one. Even though it’s hard, I can’t imagine anything more worth the suffering.

    Thanks for all of your honesty and for your witness to life.

    • Natural Mama Nell on June 2, 2016 at 11:02 pm

      Praying for you. Thank you for sharing with us!! It’s a hard guilt ridden journey! Keep embracing the love.